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Hey Sister! How you doing?
Here's a little Back Story on who we are and why we do what we do!"


Darling Daughters was birthed in January 2018 from a conversation I had with God where He basically gave me instructions to host this conference. 

For me, the message of Darling Daughters is extremely personal because I have been preaching this message to myself for almost 3 years now. What’s the message? There’s no better love than God’s love. No matter how we cut it or slice it, the best of men will disappoint us in the worst of ways. It’s just the way we are made as humans. It is impossible for us to love perfectly. The closest we come to this is the love between a parent and a child.

So then I asked myself. Why do we keep going around crying and complaining because everyone around us is in a relationship but we’re not? If God’s love trumps man’s love then why aren’t we content to live our best lives right now, living for the things we are good at and what we were born to do? Why do we still pretend that a man can complete us? Why are we so convinced that a relationship is the thing that will make us happy?

My hope is that this Conference will help us unlearn this unhealthy attitude of thinking that the love of a man can give us true happiness. It can’t. I want women to seek God like He is water for their thirsty souls because guess what! He is. I want us to be free to live fulfilling and fun lives right now as young singles! Don’t wait for love to find you before you start living your life because love already found you sis! 2,000 years ago when someone died on a cross to save your life and buy it back from all your sins! He already died so you may have life FREELY AND ABUNDANTLY.

So what are you waiting for? Connect and join our community of strong authentic women seeking Christ above all else! I promise it’s so worth it!

Love Salma

Darling Daughter in Chief

Meet Your Convener

Salma Alegeh is a Lawyer and International Children’s Rights Advocate who is passionate about Jesus, travel, food and learning new languages. Darling Daughters Conference was birthed out of the need she saw for young women to be set free from the lies that hold them back from truly embracing the love that God has for them. She’s passionate about spreading the Darling Daughters message because it’s personal to her. Love God, Live Free, Stay Awesome are words she lives by and there is nothing more she wants than for every single woman on the face of the planet to realise that they are created for more that just relationships and marriage. They are created to be a solution to a specific problem in our world.
They are God’s beloved Darling Daughters, Kingdom Princesses and Queens in the Making. Want to join a community of awesome women learning how to Love God, Live Free and Stay Awesome?


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